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Our Logos Are Designed With These Key Factors In Mind.

Keep It Simple

The best logos are very simplistic, sometimes make you think “why didn’t I come up with that”. Your logo should not be distracting from the audience that you want to attract and distract from what you want to translate about your company. When getting your logo designed always think about how it will transfer from to a website, business cards, stitching on a shirt or any other marketing product.


You want a logo that sticks in the minds of your customers. In creating a true brand it doesn’t have to say the industry that your line of business is in. For an example if your company is a hamburger restaurant, your logo does not have to be a hamburger for people to recognize what your business is. Great branding is unique and finds its on lane and people respect become familiar with your logo.


We want your logo design to stand the test of time and not be trendy. Trendy fonts have an expiration and your logo is designed with a trendy font for the time it will soon need renovation. Not saying that your logo can never be updated, but you want your logo to retain its identity.

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