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With Pay-Per-Click Marketing you can increase traffic through paid search engine advertising.

  • Team of Experts here to help improve conversions and increase revenue.
  • Keyword Research to ensure your website drives the right traffic
  • Exciting ads with well written content to recieve effective leads

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When Are My Ads Shown?

Pay Per Click Marketing allows you do deliver ads only at peak times for finding your potential clients and customers. PPC ads are presented in search results when keywords and phrases you select are searched and link to a specific page on your website.

When Do I Pay?

You pay whenever someone clicks on your PPC ads is when you pay. While we are researching your keywords, we also discover the amount you are willing to pay per keyword, but that’s something we will determine after monthly budget is created.

How Does PPC Work?

First things first we go through phase one and that’s analysing your website to ensure that you are setup properly to start a Pay Per Click Marketing. After we have determined and made adjustments within your website we then discover the budeget that you are willing to pay each day which will then determine your monthly budget.  We also help you determine a good budget for your PPC Marketing. For an example if your product cost only $10 and your daily budget is set $75 and you spend $15 for that 1 person to buy your product, you lost money and we don’t want you to lose money.  The whole point of this service is to help your business not drain it.

Can I Monitor Traffic

Yes, you definitly can monitor the success of your PPC Ad. By monitoring your Pay Per Click Ads gives the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to give the best results from paid advertising.

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